Shot-peening machines

Experience and Professionalism
A leader in the production of Sandblasting and Shot Blasting machines
Shot peening machines are special machines which perform surface hammering operations on metals, using a violent projection of glass, steel or ceramic beads. This type of equipment must be capable of maintaining a constant shot peening intensity, preventing any damage to the material. Cogeim Europe, with offices in the province of Milan, produces shot peening machines of the highest quality.

From design to performance testing
The company specialises in the design, construction, assembly and performance testing of numerous types of shot blasting and sand blasting machines, for a variety of applications. Cogeim Europe's team of engineers are extremely qualified, guaranteeing innovative and technologically advanced solutions. The company also provides technical assistance and maintenance for equipment, offering a broad range of spare parts delivered in real time.

For more resilient metals
Cogeim shot peening machines are produced using the best quality construction techniques, with certified steel sheets of a suitable thickness, carefully folded and welded in order to guarantee longevity and the containment of powders. The purpose of shot peening - which plays a critical role particularly in the aerospace and automotive industries - is to reduce the porosity of surfaces, making them more resistant to stress.
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