Sandblasting Machines

Experience and Professionalism
A leader in the production of Sandblasting and Shot Blasting machines
Cogeim Europe, with offices in Casorezzo in the province of Milan, is a national and international point of reference in the manufacture of professional products for surface treatments such as sand blasting machines.

Machines for metal and stone surface treatments.
The range of machines includes professional shot blasting machines, shot peening machines and sand blasting machines, ideal for the treatment of metal or stone surfaces. In the sand blasting sector, Cogeim Europe produces various types of machines:
  • continuous sand blasting machines with wire mesh conveyor, for the surface treatment of slabs of marble, stone, granite, cement, marble/cement or marble/resin for a bush hammered, flamed, sanded or antique effect;
  • continuous sand blasting machines, for tubes, cylinders and cylindrical products, ideal for cleaning, deburring, paint stripping or preparation for painting treatments.

High performance sand blasting machines
Sand blasting machines guarantee high performance insofar as they are capable of ejecting abrasives - sand or metal beads - with significant power. Principal characteristics include very high productivity, low operational costs and minimal environmental impact. All machines sold by the company are certified and guaranteed. Thanks to the attention afforded to the design of models, the company is synonymous with maximum quality.
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