Experience and Professionalism
A leader in the production of Sandblasting and Shot Blasting machines
Since 1970, COGEIM EUROPE has been successfully operating in the surface finishes sector, designing and building shot blasting, shot peening and sandblasting systems for standard or special applications.
Cogeim Europe has 2 production facilities covering a total surface area of 42,000m2, of which 13,000m2 are indoors, with an aim towards expansion in order to respond to growing market demand.
Granigliatrici a turbina
 Sabbiatrici, granigliatrici e pallinatrici
Fonderie pressofusione
Pulitura e lucidatura metalli
Granigliatrici in continuo con trasportatore in rete metallica
Trattamenti e finiture superficiali metalli
fonderie. pressofusione
verniciatura industriale
bocciardatrici, fiammatrici
macchine granigliatrici, macchine pallinatrici
 sterratrici, sterrogranigliatrici
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