Shot blasting machines for mechanical pickling of metal wires, bars and billets, SF type

Experience and Professionalism
A leader in the production of Sandblasting and Shot Blasting machines
Shot blasting machines used for the descaling and cleaning of wires, bars and billets for subsequent drawing operations, or galvanic or cleaning treatments.
We have both classic and new conception machines with special features, such as:
SINGLE DISC TURBINE WHEEL: reduced rotating flywheel mass allows for the optimisation of the applied power, in order to increase the shot projection capacity. 
TURBINE POSITION: reduced distance between the turbines and the surface of the material to be treated ensures best possible surface cleaning. 
SEMPLIFIED MAINTENANCE: shot blasting chamber is totally accessible via the servo-controlled opening of special shutters. 
PERFORMANCE: a working speed of 50 to 300 metres/min can be achieved with the application of turbines with up to 55 Kw of unitary power.
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