Shot blasting machines

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A leader in the production of Sandblasting and Shot Blasting machines
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Shot blasting machines are industrial machines used in the metal surface treatments sector for operations such as cleaning, roughing and hardening.

High performance machines
Cogeim Europe, with offices in Casorezzo in the province of Milan, offers a broad range of machinery including shot peening machines, sand blasting machines and shot blasting machines. There are many different types of shot blasting machines, which differ based on their performance levels in terms of speed and quantity, the type of system used and the components they work with. These machines use either a compressed air or centrifuge system which is capable of projecting different types of grit onto surfaces, depending on the desired result and the type of metal being treated.

Shot blasting machines for various applications
Roller shot blasting machines in TA steel, ideal for the bulk treatment of particularly heavy small and medium sized pieces. Shot blasting machines are also useful for decoring operations. For particularly delicate products in all types of sizes, Cogeim Europe PG offers hook or hoist shot blasting machines. The product range is completed by machines used to treat cylindrical components, composite structures and materials such as marble, granite, stone and cement.
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