Technical assistance

Experience and Professionalism
A leader in the production of Sandblasting and Shot Blasting machines
COGEIM EUROPE boasts a team of highly qualified staff, able to assist customers during the purchasing stage, recommending the most suitable technical solutions that best conform to specific needs, and during subsequent stages providing logistical, effective support for all eventual customer needs. The company’s ultimate objective is final user satisfaction.

Often, no more than 2 short lines are dedicated to this word in institutional sites or company brochures. Some dictionaries even show the following description: ASSISTANCE= Service offered to customers by retailers and producers of consumer goods in the event of a fault or the malfunction of such goods.
We believe that this way of defining assistance is misleading or in any case over-simplified.
For Cogeim, assistance means guaranteeing a proactive presence during the entire process, right from the initial idea and through to the assembly, installation and maintenance of a shot blasting system.
This means being able to understand the customer's needs, expectations, the problems they need to resolve, whilst at the same time considering the economical aspects of the operation, which must be consistent with the type of work being performed.
Once the Shot Blasting machine has been installed and is operational, this means helping the customer to manage a scheduled and corrective maintenance programme, and not just emergency repairs, which tend to be much more problematic.
At Cogeim, assistance is offered EXCLUSIVELY by Specialised Cogeim Technicians, in Italy and abroad. This allows us to guarantee timely interventions within 24-48 hours from your call or request.
To request Assistance, simply complete the special Form or contact our operators on 02 9032261.

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